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马丁Martin D200 Deluxe 全球限量50只民谣吉他

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After 184 years, and in celebration of our two-millionth serial number milestone, C. F. Martin & Co. is proud to introduce the D-200 Deluxe. In collaboration with renowned watchmaker Roland G. Murphy (RGM), this unprecedented instrument is symbolic of the passage of time with a unique watch theme displayed throughout the many highly decorative aspects of the model. A classic 14-fret Style 45 Dreadnought is the basis for this work of art. The top is crafted from highly-figured bearclaw Engelmann spruce that features an aluminum rosette with guilloché engraving – a refined process of cutting geometric patterns into metal that also appears on the stainless steel tuning machine buttons of the edition.

184年以后,为了庆祝马丁吉他的第二百万个序列号里程碑,C.F.Martin&Co.自豪地推出了D-200 Deluxe。与着名钟表制造商罗兰·墨菲(Roland G. Murphy)(RGM)合作,这款前所未有的乐器象征着时间的流逝,在整个模型的许多高度装饰方面展现了独特的手表主题。一个经典的14品插接和D45华丽式样D桶型是这个艺术作品的基础。面板是由高度抽象图形的熊爪纹英格曼云杉制成,具有带扭索雕刻的铝质玫瑰花图案 - 将几何图案切割成金属的精制工艺,也出现在该版本的不锈钢弦钮上。

The guitar's back of rare pre-CITES Brazilian rosewood, is inlaid with spectacular watch gears cut from reconstituted stone, mother-of-pearl, bloodwood, Hawaiian koa and ebony. The equally spectacular soundboard inlays feature a minute track in mother-of-pearl, birdseye maple, flamed Hawaiian koa and ebony, and a pickguard with pearl inlaid watch gears. Yet another unique decorative detail is the triple-strand abalone pearl striping that bisects the length of each side, referencing the early Spanish-inspired instruments of C. F. Martin Sr. The maple bound ebony fingerboard showcases watch gear mechanisms with the highest level of delicate inlay art. Each guitar is furnished with a newly-designed wearable edition watch from RGM that references details from the D-200 guitar design and bears a matching serial number with each edition instrument. Lastly, each guitar comes in a premium aluminum Zero Manufacturing attaché case with a built-in hygrometer that allows the interior environment of the case to be seen without the need to open the case. Limited to no more than 50 highly-collectable pristine guitars, this instrument will be played and prized until the end of time.

吉他的罕见CITES巴西玫瑰木后面,镶嵌着从蓝花岗石,珍珠母贝,血木,夏威夷相思木和乌木切割的壮观的手表齿轮。同样壮观的音孔镶嵌着珍珠母贝,雀眼枫木,火焰夏威夷相思木和乌木,以及与珍珠镶嵌手表齿轮护板的分钟轨道。还有另外侧面独特的装饰细节是三链鲍鱼珍珠条纹,两边的长度一分为二,参考早期西班牙启发的CF Martin Sr.的乐器。枫木指板展示了具有高水平细腻镶嵌艺术的手表齿轮机构。每把吉他都配有新设计的RGM可穿戴版腕表,参考D-200吉他设计的细节,并与每个版本的乐器配套使用相同的序列号。最后,每把吉他采用优质的铝质零制造专用箱,带有内置湿度计,可以在不需要打开箱子的情况下查看箱子的内部环境。仅限于50首高度可收藏的原始吉他,这个乐器将被演奏和珍藏,直到时间的尽头。 



316L stainless steel case made in the USA(316L不锈钢美产盒),

Solid silver Hand cut Engine-Turned Guilloche dial made in the USA (美产纯银器械引擎),

Swiss automatic movement with 14K solid gold winding rotor made in the USA(美产14K纯金制成的转子匹配瑞士自动运动机芯) ,

Blued steel hands(蓝钢表耳),

Scratch resistant sapphire crystals front and back(前后防刮蓝宝石镜片),

Leather and rubber watch strap for comfort and water resistance (皮革和橡胶表带带来舒适性和耐水性),

The watch is fitted in a handmade Scatola del Tempo leather box made in Italy(手表是装在一个手工打造的del Tempo皮革盒,意大利制造) ,

The large hole in the center of the dial is to remind of the sound hole on a guitar (表盘中心的大孔设计源自马丁吉他上的声孔) 


不过最终D200的发售远远高于当年的D100的发售价,在这点的担心上,掌门的回答非常坚定:马丁吉他只需要考虑制作出符合自己身份和优良传统的精美吉他,不需要担心成本,那么这只D200 最终上市价背定为美金150000,需要5年以上来完成限量50只的制作。


话说15W在国外能买什么:两辆高配的奔驰GLE SUV?一辆兰博基尼跑车?那么未来有一天,D200来到中国会是什么价格?